Use Components to Build Custom Solutions

Leverage our ready made application building blocks so you can focus on the business logic

Each of our components address a specific cross cutting concern for today's enterprise business applications, and are designed with intergration in mind. Used individually, or orchestrated together with your custom business solution, our components scale with your business.

Web & Database Real-Time Analytics

Our web analytics seemlessly integrate with your .NET MVC web applications with as little as a few lines of code.

Need to go deeper? Our integration with back-end databases will enable you to track bottlenecks into specific tables, views, or stored procedures being accessed.

Sophisticated Enterpise Security

More than just users and groups, our extensive security model enables inter-organization colloboration without loosing control.

Manage Access to web pages, processes, work-flows, and content - all from an easy to use web interface.

Content Sharing

Do you have the need to allow your application customers to share their content with others?