Use Existing Application and Services

Get Up and Running with our ready made application and services

We have a number of ready made applications, that can be used as-is or as the foundation for a product or service that your business needs. Our applications are designed to integrate with your intranet, enterprise, and sharepoint business applications.


MUIRTime™ is a Multi-User Independent Reporting Time Management & Project Planning Web Application and Service.


LaceyInspector™ is a new web crawler that unveils how a website "looks" to search engines as well as analyse / archive its content

Listing Manager Server™

The Listing Manager Server is a Real Estate information conduit and transformation web service.


SurveyAssistant™ is an extensible desktop application used to capture & report marine vessel survey inspection details.

Originally design and built in 2004 for the desktop PC, this extensible and secure application is being redesing for the web and mobile devices.